Corn Exchange Benevolent Society

A benevolent fund for the corn tradeā€¦

Welcome to the Corn Exchange Benevolent Society

The Corn Exchange Benevolent Society, founded in 1863, exists to help past or present members of the UK grain trade - those who have worked, at any level, in "the corn, grain, seed, cereal, animal feeding stuffs, pulses, malt, flour or granary keeping" trades. So it covers any from the trading, processing, manufacturing, storage and transport sides of the grain trade. It does not include cereal growers or farmers, at the one end, or bakers or pastry cooks at the other.

A small secretariat in London works closely with a board of trustees, all of who are, or have recently been, engaged in one or other of the occupations outlined above, and assistance is regularly provided to the Society's members and to past and present employees of companies in the trade. This usually comes in the form of one-off grants for a specific need, but sometimes by assistance in more regular instalments.

If you have worked in this area of the grain trade, or if you know of anyone who has done so and might need some help, you should approach the Society to discuss further. Any approach will always be treated in the strictest confidence.